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Stationname Group Studio Listen
87.7 Athens  
88 Miso Larissa  
Aegean Radio Rhodes  
Andromeda FM Athens  
ANT 1 Thessaloniki  
Aristera 902 Mitilini    
Athena 9,84 FM Athens    
Avanti FM Larissa    
Best Radio Athens 20 kbps 
Capital Athens    
Christian Radio of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki  
Christianity Athens  
City International Thessaloniki  
Club FM Thessaloniki    
Cool FM Rethymno    
Cosmo Radio Thessaloniki  
Diva FM Athens    
Dream FM Timpaki    
Ecclesia Athens  
Ekklesia tis Ellados Mitilini  
Energy FM Attika 20 kbps 
Enjoy Radio Larissa    
ERA Athens    
ERA 1 Athens  
ERA 2 Athens 12 kbps 
ERA 3 Athens  
ERA 5 Athens  
ERA Aigaiou Mytilini/Lesvos  
ERA Filia Athens    
ERA Florinas Florina  
ERA Inter Athens    
ERA Kalamata Kalamata    
ERA Kerkiras Kerkiras    
ERA Kosmos Athens 16 kbps 
ERA Macedonia Athens    
ERA Net Athens    
ERA sport Athens    
ERT 3 -  
Face FM Samos 32 kbps 
Flash Athens  
Galaxy FM Athens 20 kbps 
Hot Mix FM Trikala 24 kbps 
Hot Mix FM Trikala 24 kbps 
Iera Arhiscopi Kritis Iraklio  
Ionion FM Patra    
Jeronimo Groovy Athens  
Kiss FM Athens  
Klik FM Athens  
Live FM Chalkida  
Local Radio of Mytilini Lesvos    
Loud Trikala 24 kbps 
Loud Trikala 24 kbps 
Loud Trikala 24 kbps 
Love Radio Kyklades 20 kbps 
Magic FM Kissamos    
Max FM Chania 16 kbps 
Mellon FM Athens    
Melodia FM Athens 20 kbps 
Metro Sport Thessaloniki  
Mousiko Kanali (Music Channel) Heraklion    
Music Corner Athens    
Mytilene Radio Dee Jay Mytilene 22 kbps 
Nitro Radio Athens 20 kbps 
Njoy Radio Ioannina    
Paradise Radio Xanthi 32 kbps 
Patras Radio Deejay Patras 32 kbps 
Pirate Radio Chios 22 kbps 
Power FM Volos 24 kbps 
Radio 1 Dodekanisa  
Radio 2000 Samos    
Radio 98,4 Iraklio    
Radio Arvila Xanthi    
Radio Dee Jay Larissa Larissa  
Radio Dee Jay Thessalonki Athens 40 kbps 
Radio Dee Jay Volos Volos  
Radio DJ 105 -  
Radio DJ 105 -  
Radio Ena Athens    
Radio Fono Katerini    
Radio Greece Athens 32 kbps 
Radio Kastelorizo Kastelorizo    
Radio Kymata Mitilini    
Radio One Amaliada    
Radio Palama Larissa    
Radio Samothraki Samothraki    
Radio Veronica Athens    
Radio Xoros FM Thessaloniki  
Radiofonia Trifilias Kalamata    
Rock FM Athens  
Safari FM Thessaloniki    
Skai Radio -  
Skai Radio -  
Sok FM -  
Star FM Kerkiras Kerkiras 32 kbps 
Star FM Lamia Lamia    
Star FM Thessaloniki Thessaloniki  
Star Radio Dodecanese 20 kbps 
Stathmos Athens    
Stop FM Kavala    
Studio 19 Iraklio    
Studio 3 FM Thessaloniki    
Studio 4 FM Ptolemaida    
Super Sport FM Athens  
Superadio Heraklion    
Top FM Hakida    
University FM Rhodes  
UOC Radio - 96 kbps 
Veronica Halandri    
VOA Greece - 16 kbps 
VOR Greece Moskva  
Xenios FM Athens 20 kbps 
Zoo Radio Thessalonik 32 kbps 

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