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folk music radio Stations

CKMO [Real]    Victoria, BC, Canada  adult alternative/folk/variety  
       (17 program listings)     station links: web site, schedule
DR Folk [WM][WM][WM]    Frederiksberg, Denmark  folk (Danish)  
            station links: web site, audio info
Folk Alley [MP3][Real][WM][aac+][aac+]    Kent, OH, USA  folk  
       (4 program listings)     station links: web site, audio info
KBCS [MP3][MP3]    Bellevue, WA, USA  jazz/folk/free-form  
       (62 program listings)     station links: web site, schedule, audio info
KFJM [MP3]    Grand Forks, ND, USA  adult alternative/folk/jazz  
       (34 program listings)     station links: web site, schedule, audio info
VPRO 3voor12 Roots [MP3]    Hilversum, Netherlands  folk/adult alternative (Dutch)  
            station links: web site, audio info
WDR 4 [Real][WM][WM]    Cologne, Germany  adult contemp./folk (German)  
            station links: web site, schedule, audio info
WDVX [MP3][WM]    Clinton, TN, USA  adult alternative/country/folk  
       (29 program listings)     station links: web site, schedule
WFUV [MP3][aac+][MP3][WM]    New York, NY, USA  adult alternative/folk  
       (41 program listings)     station links: web site, schedule
WGCS [Real]    Goshen, IN, USA  adult alternative/folk/variety  
       (50 program listings)     station links: web site, schedule
WICN [WM]    Worcester, MA, USA  jazz/folk  
       (33 program listings)     station links: web site, schedule
WKSU [Real][WM][MP3][aac+]    Kent, OH, USA  news/classical/folk  
       (34 program listings)     station links: web site, schedule, audio info
WMUD [MP3]    Moriah, NY, USA  folk  
            station links: web site
WOOP [WM]    Cleveland, TN, USA  country/folk/community  
            station links: web site, schedule
WUMB [MP3][MP3]    Boston, MA, USA  folk  
       (54 program listings)     station links: web site, schedule, audio info
WUMB Air du Temps [MP3]    Boston, MA, USA  folk (French)  
            station links: web site
WUMB Celtic [MP3]    Boston, MA, USA  folk  
            station links: web site
WUMB Contemp Folk [MP3]    Boston, MA, USA  folk  
            station links: web site
WUMB Trad Folk [MP3]    Boston, MA, USA  folk  
            station links: web site
WUMB X-Stream Folk [MP3]    Boston, MA, USA  adult alternative/folk  
            station links: web site
WUNC [Real][MP3]    Chapel Hill, NC, USA  news/talk/folk  
       (76 program listings)     station links: web site, schedule, audio info

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folk music radio Stations

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please be patient some radio stations can take some time to load ,

but if they don't load please repport to us by clicking on the broken link button and tell us about any non fonctional radio station .

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